Relax in the calming atmosphere of our traditional Japanese-style rooms.

Please refer the accommodation fee at the reservation page.

Garden facing private room /梅の間

Sleeps up to 2 people
Rate: ¥18,000 per night.
Downstairs south-facing room looking out onto the garden. The garden is landscaped in the traditional style featuring a stone lantern and stone basin. There is a massage chair on the veranda facing the garden so you can take in the peaceful atmosphere and gently unwind. 

View of the garden from room

Traditional Japanese futon bedding

room: Sakura

8 tatami private room / 桜の間

Sleeps up to 4 people
Rate: ¥20,000 per night.
Upstairs room with all the traditional Japanese room finishings. Ideal for a group. 

Room with tatami laid out

room: Tsubaki

6 tatami private room / 椿の間

Sleeps up to 3 people
Rate: ¥12,000 per night. 
Large bright room with traditional fittings and bedding. Large wardrobe space. Ideal for a couple.